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Definition of well-favored

What is the definition of "well-favored"?
  • well•-fa•voredadjective
  • 1. Handsome; attractive.

Use "well-favored" in a sentence
  • "She was a pretty, low-browed creature; darkly pretty, with a well-favored body, and for all that the type was mean, he could not escape the charm of her over-brimming vitality."

    "The good luck of good looks, however, confers high status, and Jean Maria was well-favored."

    "Why not stop wishing you looked less well-favored and start loving yourself and all the gifts (and food!) at your fingertips?"

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  • Spanish: well-favored
  • German: well-favored
  • French: well-favored
  • Mandarin: well-favored
  • Japanese: well-favored

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