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Definition of walk-off

What is the definition of "walk-off"?
  • walk•-offadjective
  • 1. That drives in a run that ends a game.

  • walk•-offnoun
  • 1. A prisoner who escapes custody without violence by taking advantage of the opportunity provided by negligence or distraction of guards.
    2. A walkout.
    3. Any event or action in the bottom of the last inning of a game that scores a run and thereby ends the game with a victory to the team at bat.

Use "walk-off" in a sentence
  • "Blanco hit his first homer of the season Saturday, a walk-off shot against the Giants. —"

    "Since 1974, Turner is the only player to be involved with a walk-off hit-by-pitch one day, only to be drilled a second time in the opening frame of the next game."

    "His teammates mobbed him around home plate as if he had just hit a walk-off home run, all for a pitch that just grazed his leg."

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