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Definition of vocalized

What is the definition of "vocalized"?
  • vocalizedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of vocalize.

Use "vocalized" in a sentence
  • "Even though the Nietzschean themes and deep pathology are present in the movie, they are far more contrived in the film version, making discussion of the philosophical complexities less seamless, but the fact they can still be vocalized is proof of the filmmaker’s commitment to be loyal to the ideas of Watchmen."

    "But this person, Mark Wright is obviously extending the idea of vocalized music beyond sort of the medieval tradition."

    "Their alphabet captured consonants, leaving readers to infer the vowels that should be vocalized between these consonants."

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  • Spanish: vocalized
  • German: vocalized
  • French: vocalized
  • Mandarin: vocalized
  • Japanese: vocalized

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