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Definition of vocalise

What is the definition of "vocalise"?
  • vocalisenoun
  • 1. An exercise, composition, or arrangement in which a performer sings solmization syllables or other meaningless vocal sounds rather than a text.

  • vocaliseverb
  • 1. Chiefly British Variant of vocalize.

Use "vocalise" in a sentence
  • ""But that piece in particular struck me as a kind of vocalise," Siegel says."

    "Palestinians in the diaspora risk losing "their entitlement to equal representation ... their ability to vocalise their views, to participate in matters of national governance, including the formation and political identity of the state, and to exercise the right of return.""

    "Whilst packing up their laptop chargers and wiping guacamole from their chins last Saturday afternoon, Arsenal fans managed to vocalise their full-time thoughts succinctly."

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  • Spanish: vocalise
  • German: vocalise
  • French: vocalise
  • Mandarin: vocalise
  • Japanese: vocalise

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