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Definition of viperish

What is the definition of "viperish"?
  • vi•per•ishadjective
  • 1. Spiteful or malicious; venomous: a viperish retort.

Use "viperish" in a sentence
  • "Enid Graham and Kelli O'Hara have some fun with the viperish sisters."

    "This morning in the NY Times, Virginia Heffernan found herself missing the viperish presence of Joan Rivers on the red carpet, and quoted some Rivers line about how she's so old and saggy her gynecologist wears a crash helmet."

    "His Slade is a volatile, fascinating mix of old-fashioned courtliness and viperish hostility."

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  • Spanish: viperish
  • German: viperish
  • French: viperish
  • Mandarin: viperish
  • Japanese: viperish

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