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Definition of veteran

What is the definition of "veteran"?
  • vet•er•announ
  • 1. A person who is long experienced or practiced in an activity or capacity: a veteran of political campaigns.
    2. A person who has served in the armed forces: "Privilege, a token income . . . were allowed for veterans of both world wars” ( Mavis Gallant).
    3. An old soldier who has seen long service.

  • vet•er•anadjective
  • 1. Having had long experience or practice: a veteran actor.
    2. Of or relating to former members of the armed forces: veteran benefits.

Use "veteran" in a sentence
  • "The term veteran conveys more than a rank held in the past, military service forms priorities and commitments that last for a lifetime."

    ""I'd like to make sure the term veteran is only a symbolisation of our ages, nothing more,""

    ""I really don't like the term veteran," said Hessert."

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