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Definition of vendettas

What is the definition of "vendettas"?
  • vendettasnoun
  • 1. Plural form of vendetta.

Use "vendettas" in a sentence
  • "Getting the story was difficult: people involved in vendettas literally couldn't leave their homes."

    "By 1894, Baron Frederick Von Baur buried his fifth child and final heir after having to behead the young man-turned-vampire (having lost his other children in vendettas with the Condottieri Cosini in Venice and Club Thirteen in London)."

    "There are good reasons to attack Palin's judgement - her definition of clean government seems flexible enough to allow her to pursue family vendettas from the Governor's office."

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  • Spanish: vendettas
  • German: vendettas
  • French: vendettas
  • Mandarin: vendettas
  • Japanese: vendettas

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