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Definition of utter

What is the definition of "utter"?
  • ut•terverb-transitive
  • 1. To send forth with the voice: uttered a cry.
    2. To articulate (words); pronounce or speak. See Synonyms at vent1.
    3. Law To put (counterfeit money, for example) into circulation.
    4. To publish (a book, for example).
    5. Obsolete To sell or deliver (merchandise) in trading.

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  • "IV. iv.330 (346,1) [_That doth utter all mens 'wear-a_] To _utter_."

    "After witnessing first hand what he calls the utter failure of our current policies of drug prohibition -- marijuana in particular -- he cites unnecessary prison growth, increased taxes, increased crime and corruption, and the loss of civil liberties as the unhealthy side effects of an anemic policy in need of drastic reform."

    "Looking at what he called "utter obliteration," he vowed that the community will rebuild."

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