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Definition of uproarious

What is the definition of "uproarious"?
  • up•roar•i•ousadjective
  • 1. Causing or accompanied by an uproar: an uproarious New Year's party.
    2. Loud and full; boisterous: uproarious laughter.
    3. Causing hearty laughter; hilarious: uproarious tales.

Use "uproarious" in a sentence
  • "At Cork, to which they drove across the hills, a reception awaited Sir Walter which rivalled in uproarious acclamation the one which had greeted his arrival in Ireland."

    "Assemblies, or by what other name the poor Black wretches might choose to call their uproarious merrymakings."

    "a mussel the the ancient was carrying to his mouth; and when the grit of it bit into the old fellow's mucous membrane and gums, the laughter was again uproarious."

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