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Definition of upheaval

What is the definition of "upheaval"?
  • up•heav•alnoun
  • 1. The process of being heaved upward.
    2. An instance of being so heaved.
    3. A sudden, violent disruption or upset: "the psychic upheaval caused by war” ( Wallace Fowlie).
    4. Geology A raising of a part of the earth's crust.

Use "upheaval" in a sentence
  • "This appears to happen in what we call the upheaval stage of family grief."

    "This year's political upheaval is also reflected in the new tome, with Con-Dem, Con-Lib and Lib-Con all making the cut."

    "Religious thought was in upheaval and radical thinkers like Rabelais were emerging to challenge the religious status quo."

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