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Definition of unprofessional

What is the definition of "unprofessional"?
  • unprofessionaladjective
  • 1. Not in a profession.
    2. Not a qualified member of a professional group.
    3. Not conforming to the standards of a profession: unprofessional behavior.
    4. Characteristic of an amateur; inexpert.

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  • "Most nurses are groomed and institutionalized to believe that unions are bad and unprofessional (anytime a nurse hears the term unprofessional, it is usually from management in an attempt to control behavior)."

    "She condemned what she called unprofessional reporting by some newspapers which incite some political parties to cause civil strife in the country."

    "Roebuck takes Gayle to the cleaners for what he calls his unprofessional approach to matters cricket in the Caribbean."

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