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Definition of uninterrupted

What is the definition of "uninterrupted"?
  • uninterruptedadjective
  • 1. continuing with no interruption

Use "uninterrupted" in a sentence
  • "The 70-year-old urged fellow researchers and cosmology enthusiasts to encourage public interest in space and to keep going there to witness what he described as the "uninterrupted views of our vast and beautiful universe"."

    "You play as ... well, that's never revealed, and since it's all in uninterrupted first-person, you've no way of finding out."

    "It was this behavior — the endless willingness of lenders to lend and borrowers to borrow — that kept the consumer economy humming uninterrupted from the early 1990s, straight through the brief recession of 2001, until the credit meltdown of 2007."

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  • Spanish: uninterrupted
  • German: uninterrupted
  • French: uninterrupted
  • Mandarin: uninterrupted
  • Japanese: uninterrupted

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