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Definition of unbrokenly

What is the definition of "unbrokenly"?
  • unbrokenlyadverb
  • 1. In an unbroken way; continuously.

Use "unbrokenly" in a sentence
  • "That is, to be considered to have a "degree of mental superiority that enables its possessor to live acceptably upon his admirers, and without blame be unbrokenly drunk.""

    "In prose, a sentence moves unbrokenly from margin ro margin down the page; no typographical break appears until the end of a paragraph."

    "This routine of march and rest and march again was followed unbrokenly over and over, until the youths remembered nothing but the rigors of the journey."

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  • Spanish: unbrokenly
  • German: unbrokenly
  • French: unbrokenly
  • Mandarin: unbrokenly
  • Japanese: unbrokenly

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