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Definition of tote

What is the definition of "tote"?
  • toteverb-transitive
  • 1. Informal To haul; lug.
    2. Informal To have on one's person; pack: toting guns.
    3. Informal To determine the total of; add up.

  • totenoun
  • 1. Informal A load; a burden.
    2. A tote bag.

Use "tote" in a sentence
  • "Now Don, I'm sure you know that "tote" is a multi-purpose verb in the South!"

    "Nevermind the kai tote from the passage in Matthew that puts to rest your apparent fears that self-examination precludes any subsequent judgment."

    "Heath Ceramics 'new tote is no exception, designed by Heather Moore of Skinny LaMinx and printed in the Bay Area."

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