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Definition of thunderous

What is the definition of "thunderous"?
  • thun•der•ousadjective
  • 1. Producing thunder or a similar sound.
    2. Loud and unrestrained in a way that suggests thunder: thunderous applause.

Use "thunderous" in a sentence
  • "Mrs. Prendergast stalked off, her expression thunderous."

    "They chanted "Rudy, Rudy," in thunderous rhythm, as he worked his way through the nearly all-white mob, beaming, backslapping, posing for photos, pumping his fist."

    "Stalin's speeches always ended in thunderous applause too, but it doesn't make his totalitarian ramblings true. ht: Dust my Broom"

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  • Spanish: thunderous
  • German: thunderous
  • French: thunderous
  • Mandarin: thunderous
  • Japanese: thunderous

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