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Definition of teen

What is the definition of "teen"?
  • teennoun
  • 1. The numbers 13 through 19.
    2. The 13th through 19th items in a series or scale, as years of a century or degrees of temperature.
    3. A teenager.
    4. Archaic Misery; grief.

  • teenadjective
  • 1. Teenage.

Use "teen" in a sentence
  • "She plays field hockey; watches "mindless" her word teen television favorites"

    "We're introduced to the title teen right before he learns he's the son of Poseidon and that he has two weeks to return a lightning bolt he didn't actually steal, lest Zeus start a Godly war (somehow without using the most powerful weapon in the world that was just stolen from him)."

    "Lance Kerwin, who played the title teen in the 1970s-era series, received credit for time served and was sentenced to five years 'probation for falsifying information on an application to get state-provided medical benefits and food stamps on the island of"

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