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Definition of take leave

What is the definition of "take leave"?
  • verb
  • 1. Used other than as an idiom: see take,‎ leave.
    2. To depart.

Use "take leave" in a sentence
  • "As we at this place take leave of Tom Loker, we may as well say, that, having lain three weeks at the"

    "On the Saturday before Ascension day (which Saturday is the morrow of the day on which we were set free), the Count of Flanders, and the Count of Soissons, came to take leave of the King, together with many of the other rich men who had been imprisoned in the galleys."

    "I continued to see my friends: I went to take leave of the ambassador from Spain, who received me well, and of the Comte de Finochietti, minister from Naples, whom I did not find at home."

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