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Definition of syke

What is the definition of "syke"?
  • sykenoun
  • 1. Alternative spelling of sike.
    2. Common misspelling of psych.

Use "syke" in a sentence
  • "i can see how that is 'passive-aggressive' maybe, that must be just how i am because i didn't think about anything except explaining the situation clearly when i typed about the 'syke' and other things that happened."

    "I also wondered if that was the correct way to spell 'syke.'"

    "Adn itz ahl abowt howz u pheelz…tail mee,*syke hat ahn!"

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  • Spanish: syke
  • German: syke
  • French: syke
  • Mandarin: syke
  • Japanese: syke

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