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Definition of sunniest

What is the definition of "sunniest"?
  • sunniestadjective
  • 1. superlative form of sunny: most sunny.

Use "sunniest" in a sentence
  • "Passions run high when it comes to the title of sunniest place in Britain, and Eastbourne also boasts of being "the suntrap of the south"."

    "His burning fever is confused to his sense with the heat of the sun, and this day of joy he calls the sunniest of all days."

    "Not the brightest or sunniest of days, but we've definitely been through worse -- so no complaints here."

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How to Say "sunniest" in:
  • Spanish: sunniest
  • German: sunniest
  • French: sunniest
  • Mandarin: sunniest
  • Japanese: sunniest

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