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Definition of sternmost

What is the definition of "sternmost"?
  • adjective
  • 1. Nautical Closest to the stern.

Use "sternmost" in a sentence
  • "It was almost dark when we came up with the sternmost chase, which we hailed, and inquired who they were."

    "The pirates were closer, little more than a kay away, and the sternmost of the two had shifted course slightly, to take a heading that would come up alongside the Seastag on the port side."

    "We then discovered the sternmost ship wearing also; wore ship immediately after her, and gave her a stern rake, she luffing to on our starboard bow and giving us her larboard broadside."

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  • Spanish: sternmost
  • German: sternmost
  • French: sternmost
  • Mandarin: sternmost
  • Japanese: sternmost

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