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Definition of splendid

What is the definition of "splendid"?
  • splen•didadjective
  • 1. Brilliant with light or color; radiant: a splendid field of poppies.
    2. Imposing by reason of showiness or grandeur; magnificent: splendid costumes.
    3. Admired by many; illustrious: splendid achievements.
    4. Admirable for boldness or purity; surpassing: splendid character.
    5. Very good or satisfying; praiseworthy: a splendid performance in the examinations.

Use "splendid" in a sentence
  • "That was as splendid as this, but it wasn't as _splendid_ splendid."

    "Oh, isn't it splendid, _splendid_! that papa will get well! ""

    "Interestingly enough, it was a Canadian who coined the phrase "splendid isolation.""

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How to Say "splendid" in:
  • Spanish: splendid
  • German: splendid
  • French: splendid
  • Mandarin: splendid
  • Japanese: splendid

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