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Definition of sound out

What is the definition of "sound out"?
  • sound outverb
  • 1. To question and listen attentively in order to discover a person's opinion, intent, or preference, especially by using indirect conversational remarks.
    2. To pronounce a word or phrase by articulating each of its letters or syllables slowly in sequence.
    3. To speak or sing loudly, to call out.

Use "sound out" in a sentence
  • "The sight of Ilfn with Lheket brought an ugly sound out of the male polarity."

    "Overruling Lord Granville, he accepted an offer from Wilfrid Blunt to sound out negotiations with the Mahdi via Jamal ed-Din al-Afghani.12"

    "They can say to us, get that zether - put on your thimble and make its wires sound out a Tyrolese air, or go to that piano and give us the"

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