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Definition of so-so

What is the definition of "so-so"?
  • so•-soadjective
  • 1. Neither very good nor very bad; passable: a so-so performance; feeling so-so.

  • so•-soadverb
  • 1. Neither very well nor very poorly; passably: I swam so-so, but better than yesterday.

Use "so-so" in a sentence
  • "This global mentality shift is now threatening to strip French mothers of what has, ironically, made them among the most fertile women in the developed world: Their willingness to be so-so moms."

    "Elisabeth Badinter's bestselling book champions France's so-so moms as the secret to high Gallic birth rates."

    "This app's color-matching feature offers the same so-so results as the Benjamin Moore app."

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