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Definition of sludgy

What is the definition of "sludgy"?
  • sludgyadjective
  • 1. Characteristic of sludge; slimy or mucky

Use "sludgy" in a sentence
  • ""Bloodsteel" is the kind of sludgy, jaw-droppingly terrible fantasy fare that's only good for two things: Giving "Kröd" more comedic fodder, and giving genre fans reasons to invent drinking games based on how many times wizards chant incantations or speak in riddles."

    "Farnelli says that some residents had tap water that looked like unpasteurized apple cider with a kind of sludgy sediment on the bottom."

    "The latter is a trip: 75% cacao, studded with nibs, sludgy-looking and packing a wallop."

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  • Spanish: sludgy
  • German: sludgy
  • French: sludgy
  • Mandarin: sludgy
  • Japanese: sludgy

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