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Definition of sky-high

What is the definition of "sky-high"?
  • sky•-highadverb
  • 1. To a very high level: The garbage was piled sky-high.
    2. In a lavish or enthusiastic manner: The critics praised the play sky-high.
    3. In pieces or to pieces; apart: Sappers blew the bridge sky-high.

  • sky•-highadjective
  • 1. High up in the air: sky-high trees.
    2. Exorbitantly high in cost or value: sky-high prices; sky-high stocks.

Use "sky-high" in a sentence
  • "The thing blew sky-high, which is why the young Mountie found little more than smoldering earth."

    "The penthouse thereafter became an object of global attention, and penthouse became a Global English word whose stock rose sky-high."

    "Hong Kong's sky-high home prices are the highest among those surveyed in a report by research firm Demographia."

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