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Definition of skewer

What is the definition of "skewer"?
  • skew•ernoun
  • 1. A long metal or wooden pin used to secure or suspend food during cooking; a spit.
    2. Any of various picks or rods having a function or shape similar to a skewer.

  • skew•erverb-transitive
  • 1. To hold together or pierce with or as if with a skewer.

Use "skewer" in a sentence
  • "The lower skewer is some sort of fish paste mixed with vegetables and fried, while top the top skewer has the same mixture wrapped around a hot dog."

    "Once the skewer is in, it should be easy to give the pancake a quick turn."

    "This skewer is stacked with three types of sausages, one of which was meat wrapped around a rice cake and fried."

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