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Definition of six

What is the definition of "six"?
  • sixnoun
  • 1. The cardinal number equal to 5 + 1.
    2. The sixth in a set or sequence.
    3. Something having six parts, units, or members, especially a motor vehicle having six cylinders.

  • sixidiom
  • 1. at sixes and sevens In a state of confusion or disorder.

Use "six" in a sentence
  • "On the market to-day there are five pump-guns, that fire six shots each, in about _six seconds_, without removal from the shoulder, by the quick sliding of a sleeve under the barrel, that ejects the empty shell and inserts a loaded one."

    "Savonarola nearly three years before, whenever a citizen was condemned to death by the fatal six votes (called the _set fave_ or _six beans_, beans being in more senses than one the political pulse of Florence), he had the right of appealing from that sentence to the Great Council."

    "All men are six feet high, is not true, because _six feet high_ is not a name of everything (though it is of some things) of which _man_ is a name."

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