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Definition of sicke

What is the definition of "sicke"?
  • sickeadjective
  • 1. Obsolete spelling of sick.

Use "sicke" in a sentence
  • "Afterward, Thorello falling sicke, by Magicall Art, he was conveighed in one night to Pavia, when his Wife was to be married on the morrow: where making himselfe knowne to her, all was disappointed, and shee went home with him to his owne house."

    "The two Brethren, who much doubted the dissembling of Chappelet, being both in a small partition, which sundered the sicke mans"

    "Pinne-fold, and unable to get out, albeit the doore stood wide open to him, whereby shee became so sicke; that, converting her distaste to a kinde of pleasing acceptation, merrily thus she spake."

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