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Definition of shoujo

What is the definition of "shoujo"?
  • shoujonoun
  • 1. Alternative spelling of shojo.

  • shoujoadjective
  • 1. Alternative spelling of shojo.

Use "shoujo" in a sentence
  • "I know this is the type of story that I would enjoy but also, I want to be able to read it because of its deep roots in shoujo manga."

    "I mean come on her work are the equivalent in shoujo to Tezuka – isn’t this why Viz has their Editor’s Choice line – to highlight these works that are important even if they migth not sell as well?"

    "Even though it is defined as shoujo anime, with its suspenseful action and comedic flashes, Ceres also has aspects that will appeal to male viewers."

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How to Say "shoujo" in:
  • Spanish: shoujo
  • German: shoujo
  • French: shoujo
  • Mandarin: shoujo
  • Japanese: shoujo

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