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Definition of sheik

What is the definition of "sheik"?
  • ‖Sheiknoun
  • 1. Islam A religious official.
    2. Islam A leader of an Arab family or village.
    3. Islam Used as a form of address for such an official or leader.
    4. Slang A romantically alluring man.

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  • "Asked as he piled into his chauffeur-driven four-wheel-drive vehicle if he presided at ceremonies like this every weekend, the 39-year-old Muslim leader who bears the title sheik, but prefers to go by his name, Hong Yang, issued a world-weary sigh."

    "Page 21 once proclaimed Shagou, which is the corruption of the the Arabic word sheik, meaning a ruler."

    "They're what they call sheik charges and they fire out that ball of molten copper, which will cut through a tank armor let alone a humvee."

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