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Definition of she's

What is the definition of "she's"?
  • she'snoun-possessive
  • 1. Contraction of she is: She's going away for the weekend.
    2. Contraction of she has: She's been to the symphony twice this month.

Use "she's" in a sentence
  • ""If Olympia Snowe wins nomination for another term she's close to unbeatable," PPP President Dean Debnam said in a release in November."

    "Nina can't believe that he choose the fabric for the second look, out of everything available at Mood, it's horrendous, actually she sounds out the word she's so disgusted - "ha-rend-us.""

    "But he hasn't heard a word she's said, and before she can say another word, he has fled the room and all she hears are his feet sprinting down the hall."

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How to Say "she's" in:
  • Spanish: she's
  • German: she's
  • French: she's
  • Mandarin: she's
  • Japanese: she's

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