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Definition of shake

What is the definition of "shake"?
  • shakeverb-transitive
  • 1. To cause to move to and fro with jerky movements.
    2. To cause to quiver, tremble, vibrate, or rock.
    3. To cause to lose stability or waver: a crisis that shook my deepest beliefs.
    4. To remove or dislodge by jerky movements: shook the dust from the cushions.
    5. To bring to a specified condition by or as if by shaking: "It is not easy to shake one's heart free of the impression” ( John Middleton Murry).

Use "shake" in a sentence
  • "I don't propose to have "-- _shake_ --" an old windbag offering _me_ his blubbery old bosom "-- _shake, shake, SHAKE_ --" at this time of my life!"

    "* twist n kik & twist n kik * * shake shake shake*—- oops, ai meen .."

    "Richardson derives it from the same root with the other _jog_, which means to shake, ( "A.S. _sceac-an_, to _shake_, or _shock_, or"

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