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Definition of set forth

What is the definition of "set forth"?
  • set forthverb
  • 1. To state; describe; give an account of.
    2. To present for consideration; to propose.
    3. To begin a journey or expedition.
    4. To start.

Use "set forth" in a sentence
  • "It has been set forth with great erudition by E.B. Tylor."

    "Hence, it appears that, as prefixed to this inspired writing, the word Míshlê describes the general character of the Book of Proverbs as a manual of practical rules which are set forth in a poetical form."

    "If the opinion be in favour of the nullity or of the non-consummation of the marriage, then the record, together with the opinion of the consultor, is sent on to a second consultor (pro vinculi defensione), whose duty it is to set forth the grounds, more or less conclusive, that can be adduced in favour of the validity, or consummation, of the marriage, and therefore of its indissolubility."

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