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Definition of sense of humour

What is the definition of "sense of humour"?
  • noun
  • 1. The quality of an individual to find certain things funny.

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  • "Sacchetti, tell many anecdotes of him in which he figures as a bon-vivant, jovial, good-natured, with a sense of humour and a pardonable eccentricity."

    "Harris had a sort of sense of humour and took a delight in teasing old Bathwick, who has none."

    "Curzio Malaparte, that idiotic snob with the ironic and twisted sense of humour and the lust for wars to fuel his journalism, came to see me, and he said, 'My dear friend, Count Ciano, told me to tell you that you can do what you like, because he's going to make war on Greece all the same, and that one day soon he's going to lead Jacomoni's Albanians into Greek territory.'"

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