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Definition of selection

What is the definition of "selection"?
  • se•lec•tionnoun
  • 1. The act or an instance of selecting or the fact of having been selected.
    2. One that is selected.
    3. A carefully chosen or representative collection of people or things. See Synonyms at choice.
    4. A literary or musical text chosen for reading or performance.
    5. Biology A natural or artificial process that favors or induces survival and perpetuation of one kind of organism over others that die or fail to produce offspring.

Use "selection" in a sentence
  • "In addition, the title selection committee "meets every six months.""

    "This idea was expanded by William D. Hamilton, whose theory of kin selection is based on the concept of inclusive fitness: that is, fitness depends on the number of copies of genes that are preserved and promoted from generation to generation, rather than the number of individuals that carry and transmit them."

    "On matters of substance -- especially foreign policy -- the Palin selection is a joke, especially after the intensely serious, substantive speech that Obama gave last night."

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