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Definition of section

What is the definition of "section"?
  • sec•tionnoun
  • 1. One of several components; a piece.
    2. A subdivision of a written work.
    3. Law A division of a statute or code.
    4. A distinct portion of a newspaper: the sports section.
    5. A distinct area of a town, county, or country: a residential section.

Use "section" in a sentence
  • "*** CuD, Issue #1. 18/File 3 of 5/Title 18 USC Sect 1343 *** % We asked Mike Godwin to forward a copy of Title 18 USC % section% 1343 because it is the basis of eight of the 11 counts (the other 3 allege violations of section 2314)."

    "And if this whole magnet be more and more positive, by regular degrees through all the sections, from its negative to its positive end or pole, then the nearer any given part of it, say the _second section_ -- the patient's person, may be to its positive pole in the negative post, so much the more _positive_ that section or part will be."

    "$section: the name of the section to which this field relates; we called ours"

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