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Definition of scuzzy

What is the definition of "scuzzy"?
  • scuzzyadjective
  • 1. Slang Dirty; grimy: scuzzy floors.
    2. Slang Disreputable; sleazy: "ran a scuzzy operation” ( Myra MacPherson).

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  • "When I am eating on my own dime which, as a greedy man, I do an awful lot, I am far more likely to be drawn to the sort of joint that obsessive compulsives would call scuzzy and I would call characterful. glowing review to a dirt-cheap Szechuan restaurant which did marvellous things with piles of rustling dried chillies, salt and peppercorns."

    "Coming after the madness of the SCSI ( "scuzzy") system, with bulky sockets called terminators and cables so thick they could hold up bridges, FireWire was a godsend."

    "But attacking him for anything having to do with his POW days, or as "scuzzy" and "a liar" and the like, is probably the best way to get him to a 40-state sweep."

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