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Definition of scuzz

What is the definition of "scuzz"?
  • scuzznoun
  • 1. An unpleasant or disgusting (scuzzy) person

Use "scuzz" in a sentence
  • "These are the kind of scuzz-ballsÂwho are running CineVegas Film Festival."

    "I often relied on colleagues quicker to violence than myself, and I do know had he treated the vile scuzz who used to carry on criminal activities next door like this I would have had little other than admiration."

    "Where many bands around them were making a show of slacking off and retreating into lo-fi scuzz, Elephant 6-affiliated groups—including, at the start, Olivia Tremor Control, Apples in Stereo and Neutral Milk Hotel—created a sort of maximalist fantasy world as an antidote."

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  • Spanish: scuzz
  • German: scuzz
  • French: scuzz
  • Mandarin: scuzz
  • Japanese: scuzz

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