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Definition of scapular

What is the definition of "scapular"?
  • scap•u•larnoun
  • 1. A monk's sleeveless outer garment that hangs from the shoulders and sometimes has a cowl.
    2. A badge worn by affiliates of certain religious orders, consisting of two pieces of cloth joined by shoulder bands and worn under the clothing on the chest and back.
    3. One of the feathers covering the shoulder of a bird.

  • scap•u•laradjective
  • 1. Anatomy Of or relating to the shoulder or scapula.

Use "scapular" in a sentence
  • "The Blessed Virgin scapular should remind us that Christians have an apostolate against current extremes and extravagances in modes of dress."

    "A smaller form of the scapular is given to lay persons in order that they may share in the great graces associated with it."

    "For non-Catholics: a scapular is two scraps of wool cloth with an image of the Blessed Mother on it worn front and back over the shoulders (it's actually a residual religious habit) as a sign of following the order of Mount Carmel, a very ancient order that traces its history back to the prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel, a way of fasting and prayer and holiness of life."

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