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Definition of sash

What is the definition of "sash"?
  • sashnoun
  • 1. A band or ribbon worn about the waist as part of one's clothing or over the shoulder as a symbol of rank.
    2. A frame in which the panes of a window or door are set.

  • sashverb-transitive
  • 1. To put a band or ribbon about (the waist).
    2. To furnish with a sash.

Use "sash" in a sentence
  • "Satin sash is called "My Moments" by Offray, from the WalMart craft section, with matching satin bows and roses, will wrap around twice like an obi-belt and still have enough to make a big bow in the front."

    "The white ruffle at the hem of the skirt plus the white satin sash give it so much more interest than if everything were pink."

    "Without the satin sash, this garment is nice and loose but still has some shape."

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