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Definition of sake

What is the definition of "sake"?
  • sake•sa•kenoun
  • 1. Purpose; motive: a quarrel only for the sake of argument.
    2. Advantage; good: for the sake of his health.
    3. Personal benefit or interest; welfare: for her own sake.
    4. A Japanese liquor made from fermented rice.

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  • "Some singular nouns ending in an _s_ sound form the possessive by adding the apostrophe alone; as, _for appearance 'sake, for goodness' sake_."

    "But the farther they go, in the pursuit of wealth, for the sake of happiness, especially if successful in their plans and business, the more they forget their original purpose, and seek wealth for the _sake_ of wealth."

    "+boon -- for the sake of Christ not only the believing on Him but also the suffering for His sake+; [11] a sacred privilege when it is involved by"

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