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Definition of sack

What is the definition of "sack"?
  • sacknoun
  • 1. A large bag of strong coarse material for holding objects in bulk.
    2. A similar container of paper or plastic.
    3. The amount that such a container can hold.
    4. A short loose-fitting garment for women and children.
    5. Slang Dismissal from employment: finally got the sack after a year of ineptitude.

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  • "He would be what you called sack because he was mad, and they would send him to an asylum for lunatics."

    "European countries, as long as their histories have existed; besides the similarity of the texture of their languages, and of many words in them; thus the word sack is said to mean"

    "Or should we just all conclude that "Bart" 's an unrepentant, unshamable lyin 'sack'o'sh*te and get on with what we need to do ...."

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