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Definition of run out

What is the definition of "run out"?
  • noun
  • 1. Alternative spelling of runout.

  • verb
  • 1. To use up; to consume all of something.
    2. to expire, to come to an end
    3. To get a batsman out via a run out (see above); or, to be got out in this way.
    4. Of a legal right, to expire, to terminate.

Use "run out" in a sentence
  • ""Every single one of them one day is going to run out of fuel and be thrown away," said Ben Reed, deputy project manager of the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland."

    "NASA says a weather satellite that will run out of fuel in 2013 is a potential candidate for the first real-life refueling that would extend its life."

    "If you run out of bait, is there another way to get objects, like using two sticks, chopstick-style, to pick up a can?"

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