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Definition of roly-poly

What is the definition of "roly-poly"?
  • ro•ly-po•lyadjective
  • 1. Short and plump; pudgy.

  • ro•ly-po•lynoun
  • 1. A short plump person or thing.
    2. Chiefly British A pudding made of jam or fruit rolled up in pastry dough and baked or steamed until soft.
    3. See pill bug.

Use "roly-poly" in a sentence
  • "Dylan was a "healthy, chunky, roly-poly boy," said his aunt, Amy Compton."

    "Although he was slender and spare with silver wire-rimmed glasses, there was something about him that reminded Sharon of a roly-poly Santa Claus."

    ""Roll the boiled egg down Astroturf knoll" and "the Baga bronze roly-poly" are two of my works in progress."

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