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Definition of reshuffle

What is the definition of "reshuffle"?
  • reshuffleverb-transitive
  • 1. To shuffle again: reshuffle cards.
    2. To arrange or organize anew: The president reshuffled the advisory committee.

Use "reshuffle" in a sentence
  • "There had been what they call a reshuffle, meaning that all the Cabinet posts were redistributed."

    "But a reshuffle is as good an opportunity as any to ask how far we are translating our liberal principles into liberal policies."

    "Yet despite regular reports that a cabinet "reshuffle" is about to happen, few observers are holding their breath."

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  • Spanish: reshuffle
  • German: reshuffle
  • French: reshuffle
  • Mandarin: reshuffle
  • Japanese: reshuffle

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