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Definition of ravishing

What is the definition of "ravishing"?
  • rav•ish•ingadjective
  • 1. Extremely attractive; entrancing.

Use "ravishing" in a sentence
  • "I love the word ravishing - and I think it really fits the spirit of what I'm trying to get at."

    "In his house, my son, my own son, the flower of the House of Lancaster, learns to speak of the usurper with respect, to admire the so-called ravishing beauty of his hastily married wife, the commoner Elizabeth, and to pray for an heir for their accursed house."

    "“I like the idea of ravishing you in the firelight.”"

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  • Spanish: ravishing
  • German: ravishing
  • French: ravishing
  • Mandarin: ravishing
  • Japanese: ravishing

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