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Definition of raucous

What is the definition of "raucous"?
  • rau•cousadjective
  • 1. Rough-sounding and harsh: raucous laughter.
    2. Boisterous and disorderly: "the raucous give and take of American democracy” ( Charles Kuralt).

Use "raucous" in a sentence
  • "Dimitri joined his retinue of eleven men in raucous laughter as bullets impacted armour and fell to the ground as harmless lumps of jacketed lead."

    "Set in raucous Dawson at the height of the stampede, Jack Harrington, the Mastadon King, falls for Lucille, a "dainty arctic princess.""

    "He came to the Vatican by way of Boston, where he was known as a raucous but brilliant student at Harvard and an even more brilliant priest and professor of American history at Boston College."

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  • Spanish: raucous
  • German: raucous
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