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Definition of raise

What is the definition of "raise"?
  • raiseverb-transitive
  • 1. To move to a higher position; elevate: raised the loads with a crane. See Synonyms at lift.
    2. To set in an upright or erect position: raise a flagpole.
    3. To erect or build: raise a new building.
    4. To cause to arise, appear, or exist: The slap raised a welt.
    5. To increase in size, quantity, or worth: raise an employee's salary.

Use "raise" in a sentence
  • "For, first, she desires if she can -- and she has often been able -- actually to raise these, first to sanctity and then to her own altars; it is for her and her only to _raise the poor from the dunghill and to set them with the princes_."

    "A few hands later, I got KT suited on the button and I called a raise from the shorty I had targeted who had opened from middle position, and the small blind also called directly behind me."

    "Randy Leonard's acceptance of the raise is a deliberate middle finger to his critics."

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