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Definition of private parts

What is the definition of "private parts"?
  • noun-plural
  • 1. The external organs of sex and excretion.

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  • "The old goat might have seized the moment-indeed, he reached for his pipes-had not Alobar threatened to address his private parts with a gesture appropriate to the preparation of eunuchs."

    "The latter stared down at them in mute amazement, and it was not until his eye caught the fleshy protuberances of his private parts glimmering palely in the light of the moon that he remembered that he was without his clothes."

    "He had dosed me with cough syrup and other vile-tasting concoctions, had looked in my ears, up my nose, and down my throat, perhaps had even examined my little private parts back in the days when they'd been hairless-thankfully I did not remember the last, whether he had or not."

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