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Definition of pretty-pretty

What is the definition of "pretty-pretty"?
  • adjective
  • 1. ostentatiously or inappropriately pretty

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  • "In 1949 he put together a quintet with an offbeat instrumentation — piano, vibraphone, guitar, bass and drums — that played everything from pretty-pretty ballads to such hell-for-leather bebop anthems as Denzil Best's "Move.""

    "When Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy joked at Sunday night's Emmy awards ceremony that they were delighted to see men finally breaking through with "meaty roles" no longer simply seen as "handsome, pretty-pretty things to look at", it was a moment that as uncomfortable as it was funny."

    "What's more he's a SILLY berk. have you heard the wishy-washy pretty-pretty sub-liberal hogwash he puts out as his beliefs?"

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